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Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Holistic nutrition recognizes that proper nutrition is the basis for optimum heath and well being. It is a modern, natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet that is based on the individual and considers all aspects of life. Its goals are to facilitate a targeted health recovery plan and to build a strong foundation for long-term optimum health.


Carol Swaim’s Philosophy

As a holistic nutrition consultant, Carol recognizes bio-individuality; that is, there is no “one size fits all” approach to managing health concerns. Nutritional needs will vary from one person to the next due to biological variability. Carol also recognizes that each person’s needs change over time, and that many factors can influence a person’s health status at any time. As Carol works with you, she will address nutrition, first and foremost. Carol will do her best to work within constraints that you articulate, such as your dietary preferences and/or restrictions, prescribed medications, and/or lifestyle protocols. However, she may provide information about lifestyle, attitude, and the environment that you may or may not choose to use in concert with the nutritional changes you choose to make.



  • no “one size fits all” approach
  • biological variability
  • dietary preferences and/or restrictions
  • prescribed medication consideration
  •  lifestyle protocols

Diet analytics

  • assessment
  • consultation
  • recommendations
  • wellness plan
  • nutrition research

Get Connected!

Get Connected!


You have recognized a need to improve your health and have determined that a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you attain your goals. As your nutrition consultant and kitchen coach, Carol believes she can provide the knowledge that will need to implement changes in your life.

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Carol can help promote wellness through:

Workout Nutrition
Body Composition Change
Blood Sugar Balancing
Energy Improvement
Diet Tune-ups
Clean Eating Education
Meal Planning, Shopping, and Cooking Education

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